I gave in…

…and watched the new Pride and Prejudice film.

I wanted to be objective, I wanted to find something I liked about the new interpretation. I did. Honest.

But Matthew MacFadyen has a face like a potato and the charisma of Colin Firth post P&P. He was a plank. Were there supposed to be brooding depths to him? Or am I getting him confused with the plank again? Oh and don’t get me started on the treatment of Mr Bingley. He had no charm at all. And they cut Mr Hurst, Bingley’s brother-in-law. He’s the highlight of the BBC version *grin*

And I know it can’t compete with the… is it 10 hours?… BBC version. But it chopped and changed and for some reason felt more like a Bronte novel than an Austen. All filtered skies and Keira Knightly doing a Catherine Earnshaw on a large outcrop of rock.

Mostly what annoyed me was the sound quality. I had no idea what they were saying for most of the ball scenes. The first one… I missed nearly all of the dialogue.

Was there anything I liked…? Jane’s acceptance of Mr Bingley. And of course the height of that man’s hair!