Frodo had a good day

Second day in the half term and Frodo is already chewing the walls.

Luckily, I’d found out about a local activities centre and booked him in on it a few weeks ago. It was a tester – as Frodo has significant communication and social delays. He might have hated it. They might have not been able to cope with him.

But picking him up at 4 o’clock, he starts crying because he doesn’t want to go home, LOL. He was fortunate in the fact that they had extra staff from their head office so one of them spent a good deal of the day helping him. They said the local staff had helped with him too. They all said he had a really good day.

So looks like he’s heading back there again in April. I’ve told him that’s his present for Samwise’s birthday.

Today has been a good day. *grin*