Printing out the contract for Nimue’s Price and tomorrow morning.. well, this morning… it will be in the post.

Posted the first extract in the Samhain Cafe Yahoo Group… hmm… now having doubts about whether I could have put up a different piece. It’s hard because Nimue’s Price is only a novella. I only have 16000 words to play with. Well less than that. Extracts are usually from the first half of the story, I think.

It is about Sex and WMDs – but it’s hard to illustrate that without giving the whole story away, LOL

11 thoughts on “Contracts

  1. impworks

    Since you seem to be giving up I’ll put you out of your missery…

    The Voices

    I would underline that but it wont let me 😦

    I still haven’t sent you the feedback I promised yet…

    It is a bit difficult to blurb without giving away the bits I’d like to discover in reading (ie the WMD, The Voices and the twisty deception).

    Maybe blurb it from Nimue’s PoV before the story begins sort of?

    I’d tease with it rather than going for full on disclosure. Like “The Usual Suspects” marketing in a way.

  2. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    How about…

    Nope. I’m drawing a blank?

    As the only other 2 people on the planet (so far *grin*) who’ve read it… What is the story about anyway? LOL

    And would you like to write my blurb?

  3. impworks

    Good guess. Not the right one. Not unless Kim’s gone back and added more sex in a rewrite. I can suggest a couple of places if she want to crank that side of it up.

    The version I’ve read had all the naughtyest bits cut to save Kim from blushing anyway.

  4. TeeBee

    “There are so many betrayals it doesn’t really rate as a spoiler more as a fact of life.”

    OMG I so have to quote you on that LOL

    OK, next guess: “More sex”?

  5. impworks

    This is going to turn into a Monty Python skit…

    Sex and [SPOILER] and [SPOILER] and Betrayal at the court of King Arthur.

    There are so many betrayals it doesn’t really rate as a spoiler more as a fact of life.

    Given your market I guess that you need to tell them about the first bit.

  6. impworks

    Just saying its about Sex and WMD is giving a lot of it away.

    How about its about [SPOILER] and [SPOILER] and [SPOILER] at the court of King Arthur?

    Can you guess what the third [SPOILER ] is?

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