Picking Excerpts

I’ve written about 100 words on Heiress, mainly because I’ve been trying to collate intriguing excerpts to post about the web. I still haven’t chosen them all for Buying Mackenzie’s Baby yet.

It’s hard! LOL
Erm… not that they’re aren’t intriguing… They are. Mack’s Alpha all the way. And the sex…
All right. I’ll shut up now.

Anyway, on a good note, a friend got a revision request not a rejection *grin* She is so close to selling. Fingers crossed for you, AF.

And I’m going to be in an e-cookbook.

I know. You’re thinking. Kim… Cooking?? Someone’s let her near food?
But a huge, massive and heartfelt thank you to Jennie Andrus for sorting out my recipe, LOL She’s single handedly putting the thing together. By Friday!
Her non-cook book, Dragon’s Birth, is out on 28 February… here

Buy it

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