9 thoughts on “I couldn’t resist any longer…

  1. impworks

    1800ish today for the fantasy story with no title (but there is a naughty bit in the middle) …

    Or the STEEPVM article I wrote last weekend that needs polishing (and that would actually be a technique for helping writing so no use for the writing course) …

    Or the Cop/Spy show game without a snappy title (I can’t see them understanding it) …

    I still can’t get a handle on where Red Smog is going though 😦

    Suggesting you renamed your story seems to have fixed my writers block too…

    Or maybe it was contemplating “your” legs 😉

  2. Kim Rees / Kim Knox

    Does that mean you haven’t done any writing? How are you going to explain that to Dave on Monday?

    “Sorry… I was trying to think up something witty for a fantastic pair of legs and I don’t know where the time went…”

  3. impworks

    I’ve spent a couple of days trying to come up with a witty comment. The best I’ve managed so far is…

    “Women want to be them, Men want to be with them.”

    Which isn’t very good but its the least miss-interpretable I’ve come up with.

  4. Himself the Elf

    Have I mentioned that you are now officially my new hero? (Heroine?).

    On a perfectly serious note, Congrats! I think a nice bit of bubbly could be considered completely appropriate at this time. 😉

    Keep up the great work, Kim!

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