I’ve written 60 new words on Reluctant. I can tell you’re impressed.

My head is splitting… I move away from the laptop, the headache eases. I come back, sit down and look at the open Word document and pain flares. I think I have a phobia developing LOL

But I’ve realised I can move past the scene that was stalling me with the old classic.
All together now:

*Insert sex scene here*

Works every time *grin*

I also have to think about a new fantasy novella 10k to 40k for a new epub someone told me about.

But that’s not right now.

Now is paracetamol, convince Samwise that he does need to sleep and crack on with Reluctant. I might even get another 60 words out before I have to go and pick Frodo up from school. Two and a half hours.

Could be pushing it a bit there…

One thought on “Reluctant

  1. Himself the Elf

    I finally managed to pull off somethng like a rough outline on The Forgotten War and something like 500 words on a new short. I know how you feel.

    Every time I sit down at my laptop my back starts aching. Time for a new desk, perhaps?

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