Home Stretch

Merlin’s at 14500 and I’m on the home stretch. Big relief. Huge. Massive.

I just have to be careful that it does end, because I can envision strands that would drag it on and on. Going to Arthur’s camp… Going back to Camelot… But that’s not going to happen. They’ve sorted their last problem, are in the middle of a fight and then Merlin… well… not giving away the ending. *grin*

I saw The Bourne Identity last week and realised that Merlin is the Professor – Clive Owen. Without the glasses and maybe without the high powered rifle…

Anyway have to start writing. The Ent has taken the Hobbits to the shops. And I’ve just finished putting away 12 tonnes of washing and stuffing the 3 tonnes of dirty washing into the machine. I probably have about 2 minutes. Max.