At least I got something written

I’m just a few words short of 14000 on Merlin. I think it’s about1500 to go. So another 2k to write (mustn’t forget to write the sex scene in, after all)

I just joined two more Yahoo groups. I swear, they’re breeding… but I’m only in about 15 – which, apparently, is nothing. A ‘proper’ author should be in about 100/200+, LOL. I seriously don’t know where others find the time. *grin*

I go through the posts on the web now. It makes reading them easier. Emails? No way. Eek! And I’m caught up after about half an hour.

Oh, btw my Yahoo Group is shared by a bunch of us. It’s Author Box.
Must put that in my links.

Off to check my email again – I know the cover won’t be there, but I can dream – and then maybe write something… Maybe.