Yesterday, with two small hobbits and The Ent running rampage, I got little done.

Merlin has slipped over my self-imposed deadline. There’re about 2 scenes left, possibly 3. And then I remembered that in the centre of the story I wrote *insert sex scene here*. Bum.

When I’ve finished writing a sex scene, it’s fine. Well, more than fine. The editor for The Billionaire’s Seduction called the new bath scene delicious (thank you, Linda, hehe). It’s getting into it in the first place… Ho hum.

That’s the scene, not the bath, btw…

So the plan for today is to try and get the story finished, then go back and write sex *grin*

I have time as The Ent has taken Frodo and Samwise to the park. Unfortunately, those gits at Sky One are about to put Stargate’s Divide and Conquer on. As I said, complete gits.

Off to sit in front of the teleivision with my laptop and try to get into Nimue’s head.

*phew* It’s Crossroads. So I’m staying right here. Besides one scene about ‘sparkage’, it’s dull.