Treebeard has too many FTP up load… thingies. Some work and I can’t access the one that he raves over. Piccies will make an appearance here, soon, LOL. But today we got distracted by a piano… as you do.

I still have no title for the Amber Quill entry. And it’s beginning to bug. But 4,400 words. I’m on target to finish and sub. Fingers crossed.

I was just surfing *refer to name of Blog…* and about to offer my two penneth (sp?) on someone’s writing problem… when I stopped. It hit me how reluctant I am to offer advice. I want to. But I never know how I see a problem is the way that it could, or should, be solved.

I think it comes down to the problem I have with analysing what I write. I feel my way through a story, never really consciously constructing them. It’s annoying. I see others shifting and slotting plot points (whatever mysterious animals they are) into place. Somehow, they are able to see the structure behind what they’ve written.

I can’t see squat, LOL

It’s why I try to work so hard at creating a plot that works.

Anyway, back to *un-named* before the muse dwells on the above and runs for the hills, LOL