I think I’ve worked it out now

I might have finally gotten a handle on this short story. Big relief. Huge. Massive.

I spent most of last night chatting to a friend, trying to work out why I couldn’t write it. I think it turned out it was too dark and there was no spark between the two major characters. I don’t think the people in the story are ‘alive’ yet. I can’t really feel their voices.

I’ve got until Sunday to get it done and subbed. Eek. Hopefully, I’ll crack on in a minute. Samwise, after much complaint has gone for his sleep… so I have an hour. Fingers crossed.

On the plus side, got an email saying The Apprentice has been accepted for Enchanted. So that’s cool *grin*

I also want to add a short history to the website, to show what the process was when I wrote each story. Probably the link will be ‘What was I thinking?’ My Little Warrior, needs it. So I may as well do it for the rest, LOL

Off to the gritty darkness that is my Voice.