Smeagol read my blog

Smeagol was not happy. He didn’t want to be Smeagol and even the thought of being Gollum made him break out in a rash… but he doesn’t want to be Aragorn, either.

So we’ve come to an agreement. Due to the inordinately long time it’s taken to get the website up and… sort of… running, he’s become an Ent. Hum Hom. Treebeard to be exact.

Anyway, Treebeard finished my website last night as a birthday present. I had a rush of ‘oh God, I’m old’ around midnight… but that’s settled happily into the fog of denial that surrounds me and my age 😉

Look to your left for the link.

And yesterday, I think I sorted what I can do about the short story, Marriage. Bluebeard, Arabian nights, Iago, Othello and a whisper of Angela Carter have all been thrown into the mix. This has to be written in 10 days. Then I *have* to attack Reluctant, before the story comes out an throttles me.