I disappeared again…

So this week was a disaster for NaNo. Ho hum. I’m at just under 12k… but I have got an earlier beginning, which I like. I might read the whole lot through in a bit to get the feel for it again. And that’s better than having to compose a letter to the Inland Revenue… *eek*

Chapter three of Billionaire is edited and off. Chapter four should arrive tomorrow. Is it seven or eight chapters to go? I’ve not checked recently. And editing chapter eight is going to be *really* embarrassing, LOL.

I’ve sent a few queries on the contract for Buying Mackenzie’s Baby and hopefully I’ll hear back on those soon.

It’s still weird. Two of the best stories I think I’ve written are going to be published. Well, best stories I’ve written *so far* I hope. I still think Reluctant is better still *grin* While Alchemy should really be put down quietly and humanely.

Then again, maybe it will improve…

Oh. A pig. Wow… Nice wings.