Oops… missed a day

Got to writing late today.

Walking to school with Frodo and Samwise soaked me through to the skin. There and back. So when Samwise went for his nap (the time that I write) I had to sleep too.

Then I had to walk in the rain again this afternoon.

Not a happy bunny.

But I got some research done for Merlin – so that it can move on. And I’m well over 7k which is cool. Still managed at least 1k a day. And that’s startling. *grin* Reluctant got another 600 words tonight. Could be the best way to write the sex scenes. In small chunks so that I don’t think about it and it gets rejigged in the editing stage.

Have to take Samwise to playgroup in the morning. But Grandma Gandalf is here in the afternoon. So should get something done *grin*