Stinking cold. Blech

After yesterday being as hot as July, I have a stinking cold.

I think it’s my body’s way of saying that is so wrong in October. Anyway, it’s seriously interfering with Reluctant. It’s not easy writing sexy sizzling scenes when your nose is streaming, your throat’s raw and you just want to sleep.

Saying that, I did get the scene started. Which is cool.

Alchemist seriously distracted me yesterday. On the way to pick up Frodo, I was chatting into my dictaphone like a mad woman. Shame street noise obscured half of it. LOL. But a character that popped up on the first page is now integral to the plot. He’s the antagonist and he’ll be my favourite sort… Attractive, sinister, ambigious. Oops. Sounds like my hero too. Never mind. It’ll keep the heroine/protagonist guessing *grin*

And it’s based on the Byzantine Empire. I’ve always wanted to write about there. Way too influenced by Yeats at school.