Bad day/Good day? I don’t know anymore

Just got an email from Liquid Silver Books. My comtemporary should be looked at in the next thirty days. It would be very nice to have them offer a contract. It wouldn’t just be having two books accepted. Their covers are beautiful.

Also thought about how to move Reluctant on. It’s stalled. I need to look at my theme, inject that into the scene and move on. And hope it works. My knowledge of the plot is a little thin… but I’m trying to keep it uncomplicated and have as little interaction with secondary characters as I can. Billionaire got rejected by the paper publisher for that reason.

I hate plot.

I can do characters, settings, spit out sparks of sexual tension… Even write really good sex *smirk*. But plot? Plot eludes me. Always has. Something in my brain doesn’t like plot. Oh, and analysing stuff. That is very annoying, too.

Anyway. I should get that moved on tomorrow. I need to fix my writing time if this is going to be a career, not a hobby. But that probably means getting a good night’s sleep. And that really isn’t happening.

Ho hum, roll on October. I’ll have three short stories out that month. Very cool.

Shame about the distinct lack of payment, though.