I bought new lighting sets–they were ridiculously cheap–and I’ve been playing about with them. Not as happy with the result on this as the old way I was lighting, which did give me a more flexible palate…so we’ll see how it goes.

This image was inspired by my wip. Yes, I’ve been writing. Proper words and everything. We live in strange times…

Now I need a vat of coffee as I am not awake. Not at all. I feel very…Mondayish 😉

#digitalart #fantasyart #sorceress

Geometry within the light ball, DesignCuts. Renders, mine (yes I have Daz bokehs now…)

Kim Knox Books

Weaving Words

This is Sparta!


…well, not really 😉

A lot of dollars were knocked off the original price…so here she is. I fell back on using smoke, but it wasn’t working, so lots of copies and some nifty blending (blending is the best!) and I got a nice spark effect.

One day I will know what I’m doing… 😉

#digitalart #fantasyart

Manip’d smoke, Depositphotos. Spartan, mine 🙂