Sort of back. Maybe… Perhaps…

I’ll admit it. I’m still in the land of not quite here yet.

I am writing. But very s-l-o-w-l-y…

I do have two novellas due out in October though, a paranormal romance and a SF vampire romance. So here’s a hint about them.


Magus Felix Hurst thought she could run from her duty. Her destiny.
She failed.
In trying to escape her marriage to the half-demon magus, Zacharias Mael, her usual bad luck traps her in a farmhouse infested with a magus’s worst nightmare.

And her hated betrothed.

In the end, there is one only way to escape. Will that price prove too much? For either of them?

This is in the the boxset, Tempting the Monster. And,


Another day. Another delicious shot of mayhem and blood…

Captain Andros has many titles. Pirate. Vampire. All-round bastard.
What he doesn’t have is a past. His has been stolen, suppressed through the power of the vampiric metal known as leech. But, with his latest conquest, all that is about to change.

Madelen Ariel is destined to be the living heart of a great warship. When Andros takes her ship, kills her crew and claims her as captain’s privilege, he robs her of everything. And makes her his.

Andros doesn’t share and his crew loathes him for it. They see in his obsession with Madelen the best chance to take his ship.

And even as his past smashes back into him, his rebelling crew is about to find out just how much of a bastard Andros really is…

This is in the Deeper into Darkness boxset.