Hump Day Hook ~ Dark Dealings

My first Hump Day Hook!
So here’s a paragraph from my novel, Dark Dealings that released this week :D

“I’m not one of your little mages. My power comes from the heart of the earth. The heart of the sun.” He leaned forward, his mouth so close to hers she tasted his sweet breath and couldn’t stop the quick hitch in her chest. His voice was just above a raw whisper. “Never offer me anything you’re not willing to lose.”

You can find more Hook-ees here


  1. Ooooh…dark and sexy all at once. Sounds delicious.

  2. Powerful! Loved it!

  3. So good! I love your style! Always guaranteed to love anything you post x

  4. Marie Rose Dufour

     /  Wednesday, 12 December, 2012

    I love it! So hot and powerful!!!!

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